1) Do Bulk Backlinks work still in the Search Engines?

Yes, you just have to be smart about it. We recommend inputting your articles, videos, web2.0s, social bookmarks and other links to help boost them up

2) Can I build directly to my website?

Yes, but you should input hundreds or thousands of links to help spread the links and mitigate any penalties

3) Why choose BulkBacklinks compared to other services?

Other "bulk backlink" services are over priced and require management. Plus, they don't submit to all the wiki sites that we do. Value, volume and hands free make us a clear winner

4) Do I need to login every day or month? When Will I receive my report?

No, you do not need to login ever after you initially setup your campaign. We will use the information saved in your dashboard area each month automatically. Your reports are attached and can be seenĀ in your dashboard area (Microsoft Excel format).

5) Is this Tier Link Building?

Yes, it's been a secret weapon of many online marketers. Create public content and blast it with thousands of links. The results are higher rankings and zero risk to your main website

6) I'm ready, where do I signup?

On the homepage http://bulkbacklinks.com ; choose the plan type that best matches your needs.


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